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Golf Lesson and Improvement Programs
Rx for Mastery

All top golf teachers know that improving golf covers many areas, golf instruction covers these areas:

Desired Areas of Improvement                                                                                                                                             

Grip,  Alignment, and Posture
• Short and Long
• Green Reading

Short Game
• Chip and Run
• Short and Long Pitch Shots
• Cut lob shots and Bunker Shots

Wedge and Short Irons
• Accuracy
• Distance Control

Fairway Shots with Middle,  Long Irons and Fairway Metalwoods

The Driving Club


On Course Management
• Emotional
• Shot selection
• Club selection
• Target selection

Pre-Shot Routine
• Physical
• Mental

Specialty Shots

  • High and Low Full Shots
  • Uphill, Downhill and Sidehill Lies
  • Trouble shots
  • Draws and Fades by Design



  Orange County Golf Instruction

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Golf Conditioning
• Physical

  • TPI

• Mental
• Nutritional