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Private Golf Lessons:         I recommend the initial lesson be one hour

                     Lessons          One Hour Lesson                             $135    

                                      Half Hour Lessons                            $75      


  Lessons Packages: 

        4 One Hour  Lessons                  $440         (Best Value)  Save $100

       4 half hour lessons                      $260   Save $40

        8 half hour Lessons                     $500    Save $100



        New Student Special                    $440          Save $70

This Package consists of 6 lessons, a one hour lesson + 5 half hour lessons.                                                                                                                                                                    



Cancellations:  24 hour notice required unless it is an emergency.  If I can fill the time slot no charge, otherwise you are responsible for the lesson and will be charged.  No shows always charged for the lesson as the time is reserved exclusively for you!  Rain let's talk!

Semi Private Golf Lessons:

                                               One Hour Golf Lesson     $75  Per Person

                                                4 Lesson Package          $260  Per Person


Small Group of Three             One Hour Golf Lesson     $60  Per Person

                                               4 Lesson Package           $225 Per Person


GOLF PLAYING LESSONS (one - two persons)

  One Hour $135/1      $155/2   


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