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Golf teaching and playing articles > Keep your eye on the ball is good advice

18 Mar 2004



Your well meaning playing partners frequently give advice that is wrong—and that can cause many problems for you.


After you have topped a shot they’ll that you looked up and you should keep your head down.  This is usually not true, except perhaps in putting or chipping where this can be a disaster.


I have video taped thousands of golf swings during the past nineteen years.  Golfers constantly tell me they looked up when they miss the shot, yet the video shows the head is nailed to the ground well after the ball is gone. 


What really happens is the body pulls up or the arms pull in.   Either one can cause a topped shot.


A tour player will never finish their swing and still be looking at the ground.  Keeping the head down this long prevents proper body rotation and weight transfer in the forward swing.  Watch golf on television and you see the professionals all watch their ball in flight until it lands.  This can’t be done with your head still down.


A better thought is to keep your eye on the ball.  You should watch the ball get hit, just as in tennis you need to keep your eye on the ball until it meets the racquet.  After impact you should allow your body to follow through by allowing your head to rotate to the finish.  Finish like the professionals do, facing the target.