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Golf Lessons and Instruction
Teaching Philosophy



“Good Golf must start with a golf swing that matches you.” Golf instruction should embrace this idea.  Discouraging golf starts with you trying to match someone else’s idea of the ‘perfect golf swing’.  The LPGA has a motto that  golf lessons should be student centered. As a LPGA Top 50 Best Teacher 2008-2009, I embrace that concept.  I am a female golf teacher who embraces all students interested in this kind of golf instruction.

I assess each student for physical characteristics, temperament, learning and athletic ability, as well as a realistic understanding of what time commitment they are willing to make – only then can I help them improve or develop their fundamentals and improve their golf swing for a successful golf game.

My objective as a golf teacher is simple. I want you to play better than you ever have before, increase your confidence and have more composure on the course, and maximize your fun.

I help you find “your golf swing” in the way you learn best.

Communication is the key”. If the student does not “get it”, information is useless. I never want a student to leave their golf lessons feeling confused or frustrated.  This is a heavy emphasis of the LPGA.


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