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Golf teaching and playing articles > Aiming straight at the target not recommended

25 Mar 2004

I wrote last week about advice you receive that is wrong-and how it can cause problems. 


Here is another bit of bad information:  swing your clubface straight to the target.  This advice will make you cut, slice, or top the golf ball.


Golf is a side on sport, unlike bowling which is a face on sport.  In bowling you can keep your palm facing straight out and get a straight shot.  In golf trying to keep the clubface pointing straight too long after impact will create a slice.


The clubface and palm of the hand must rotate so the toe of the club is facing up halfway into the follow through, rather than the club face.


To hook a bowling ball, or put top spin on a tennis ball you need to create rotation. In order to hit a straight in golf shot, you need rotation.  To much rotation, and you will hook the golf ball.


To help you understand this motion, stand with your arms outstretched, palms facing each other.  Turn your body away from the target while you also turn your thumbs away from the target, which will cause one palm to the other. This is what happens on the back swing in golf.


Now turn your body to face the target and your thumbs so they point at the target.  This is what needs to happen in the forward swing, so that the clubface rotates into the toe up position.


This is a simple drill to help you visualize and feel this motion in your golf swing.    You can view this on my website.